Vermont Food Network:

Greenfield Highland Beef is a proud member of the Vermont Fresh Network. Our products are used and sold at the following locations:

Ariel's Restaurant, Brookfield, Vt
Angelino's Restaurant, Montpelier, VT
Buffalo Mountain Coop, Hardwick, VT
East Calais General Store, E. Calais, VT
Lakeview House, S. Burlington, VT
Kismet, Montpelier, VT
Positive Pie II, Montpelier, VT
Hen of the Wood, Waterbury, VT
J. Morgan's Steakhouse, Montpelier, VT
Hunger Mountain Coop, Montpelier, VT
City Market Onion River Coop, Burlington, VT
The Uncommon Market, Montpelier, VT
Plainfield Coop, Plainfield, VT


Product Information:

We also sell our beef direct and you are welcome to visit either the Greensboro Bend or Plainfield farm to meet Ray and Janet and their grass-fed / grass finished, humanely raised cattle or to pick up your beef.

Ground Beef
Stew Meat
Sirloin Steak
Delmonico Steak
NY Strip Steak
Tenderloin Filet
London Broil
Flank Steaks
Skirt Steaks
Flat Iron Steaks
Short Ribs
Liver, Heart, Tongue

And Our Newest Product: All Beef, All Natural Sausage

Garlic and Parmesan
Sweet Italian
Hot Italian

Janet Steward & Ray Shatney